Our Schoolhouse

I’ve been a teacher for over 20 years. Previous to ‘coronapocalypse’ I owned a brick-and-mortar school in downtown West Palm Beach. Covid forced us to close our doors, but our little ones still needed a place to actively learn. It was then I decided to create a schoolhouse, to continue our project-based program for children and offer a private education with a home school vibe!

The Conscious Kids Association is a member only, private education association. We meet Monday- Friday, from 9-3. Our members receive a customized, home school education for their children. Our schoolhouse is loving and intellectually stimulating environment where the children learn reading, writing, math, science and social studies through a combination of direct instruction, online practice, and collaborative projects. In addition to that, they get classes in yoga, cooking, art, gardening and lots of field trips!

Project based learning enables us to learn through the projects we complete. Each year students are presented with 6 to 7 thematic units that cover a variety of topics in history, science, math, literature, civics, art and culture. In addition to individual and small group projects, we also take on community service projects that help facilitate academic growth while at the same time empowering students to be active citizens in their community. Our community service projects address issues such as climate change, homelessness, endangered animals, and more! There’s no problem our kids can’t aim to solve.

It’s a year-round program that runs 6 weeks on 2 weeks off. During the breaks, we transform the schoolhouse into a museum of ever-changing exhibitions! In that way they are completely immersed in the topic of study.

Our schoolhouse is a unique environment that works best for curious children who love to learn! If you want to come check us out, let me know. We can schedule a couple of days for your child to join us before you apply for membership to this one-of-a-kind association.